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Ian, Lloyd and Billy will be taking part in the London to Brighton night bike ride to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

Any contributions will be gratefully received.

Please see our link below for our fundraising page;


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Children giving evidence in Family Law proceedings – guidelines

In the case of Re W [2010] UKSC 12, the presumption against children giving evidence in family law proceedings was effectively removed. Children can now be called to give evidence in limited circumstances, and the number of cases involving such live evidence has been on the increase since that Supreme Court judgement.

Helpfully, the Family Justice Council has recently provided guidelines in respect of children giving such live evidence. The process has been explained in a simple and easy-to-follow manner that most practitioners will appreciate. Please click here to see the guidelines.

Jasvir Degun

Jasvir is a specialist in Family Law and Landlord & Tenant Law.

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Changes to the FPR 2010 – Witness Statements replace Affidavits in many family law matters

This week marks the first anniversary of the Family Procedure Rules 2010 coming into force, and there have already been changes implemented to the FPR 2010.

From 6th April 2012, affidavits will now be replaced with witness statements in the following applications in both ex-parte/”without-notice” and “on notice” hearings:

– Non-Molestation Orders

– Occupation Orders

– Forced Marriage Orders

– Form Es – new forms now available at

– statement in support of Divorce Petition

This simplification of the procedural system is small and yet far-reaching at the same time, and it shows one of the ways in which the FPR 2010 is benefitting family law practitioners from a practical perspective.

Jasvir Degun

Jasvir is a specialist in Family Law and Landlord & Tenant Law.

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